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Wakenya Pamoja Sacco Society Limited (WPS) was started in 1976 as a Union Banking Section of Kisii Farmers Co-operative Union (KFCU). It became autonomous in 1992 under the name Gusii Farmers Rural Sacco Society Limited (GRFS). The Society has, over the years, undergone major governance reforms which have facilitated: the change of name which was in line with the strategic move to expand geographically and explore other financial opportunities; and diversification of the membership to increase the society's scope beyond tea and coffee to include value chain financing, microfinance, business development financing, asset financing among others

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Public Notice: Registration With A Credit Reference Bureau

This is to inform all members that Wakenya Pamoja SACCO Society Ltd will register with a Credit Reference Bureau (CBR) in 30 days. Consequently, non-performing loans (unpaid for 90 days and above), will be listed as provided under section 18 of the C... Read more

Tender Advertisement for 2015

Wakenya Pamoja Sacco society limited invites eligible and interested bidders for the supply of goods and services for the year 2015. so as to be received on or before 6th November, 2014 at 10.00 a.m. Download Tender Notice Read more

Rwanda Meets WPS

Kenya has a long history of cooperative development that has been characterized by strong growth, thus making a significant contribution to the overall economy. Co-operatives are recognized by the government to be major contributors to national devel... Read more

Why the Customer is WPS' main Concern

In one of the most rare occasions, the entire fraternity of WPS (Board of Directors and all the Employees) met in Nyakoe Hotel, Kisii, on the 3rd of March 2012, to remind themselves on why the customer is and will always be their main concern. In a s... Read more

...and it's on to the Rest of Africa!

WPS got another rare opportunity thanks to PPPMER, IFAD and the PROCASUR Corporation, to interact with the rest of Africa (Madagascar, Mozambique, Malawi) by partcipating in a learning route jointly organized by the the above organizations to provide... Read more

WPS 20th Annual General Meeting

WPS 20th Annual General Meeting was held on the 25th of April 2012 at the Nyakoe Hotel in Kisii. The invited guests included: The Permanent Secretary Ministry of Cooperative Development and Marketing, Mr. Seno Nyakenyanya, The Commissioner for Cooper... Read more

A Green light by SASRA

Wakenya pamoja Sacco has officially been given a green light by SASRA to operate Deposit Taking business in line with the Regulations 2010. Co-operative Development PS Seno Nyakenyanya has urged societies to involve women in their leadership to enhan... Read more

Keumbu OVC Center embraces WPS' Concern

What started out as a one-time activity by the WPS staff members, turned out to be a humbling experience that saw them commit to do more! Often, people concentrate on their own problems, fulfilling their own needs, among others and forget all about t... Read more

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